Dutch Lubricants, LLC is a top regional supplier of quality industrial, transport, aviation, equipment, and basic retail lubricant products to a broad spectrum of customers.  Our four warehouses serve markets in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Latest News

  • New Filtration Services Offered

    DUTCH CLEAN is a fluid conditioning program that will save you money by prolonging the effective life of your lubricants, thus your equipment. This state of the art filtration process can restore your dirty lubricants to a “better than new” …

  • Dutch Sales Staff Recognized for Performance

    Dutch Lubricants sales staff “Best of the Best” for 2015 were honored January 21-22, 2016 at the Annual Awards Banquet in Birmingham, AL.  This was a celebration of leadership along with surpassing their goals and outstanding accomplishments for 2015.  It …

  • PC-11 Approved

    PC-11 Gets Green Light by Steve Swedberg Borrowed from the Dec 16, 2016 Issue of LUBE REPORT   AUSTIN, Texas – PC-11, the next heavy-duty engine oil upgrade, received the go-ahead from both ASTM and the American Petroleum Institute here …

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