First Line Products

“The First Line of Defense Against Wear”

First Line offers a wide variety of high quality lubricant products designed to meet the rigorous specifications of your industry.

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First Line Machine Way Lubricants  – Spec Sheet

First Line Waylube products are formulated from highly-refined, thermally stable, high-viscosity-index base stocks.  These stocks are combined with carefully selected rust inhibitors, extreme pressure and demulsibility additives to provide premium protection and eliminate “stick-slip” jerky movements of sliding parts of machine tools.

First Line Way Lubricants provide high film strength, promote smooth tool motion, resist oxidation deterioration and provide long service life.

First Line Way Lube 68
First Line Way Lube 100
First Line Way Lube 150
First Line Way Lube 220
First Line Way Lube 320

First Line Turbine Hydraulic Oils – Spec Sheet

First Line Turbine Hydraulic Oils are a series of rust and oxidation inhibited industrial oils for lubrication of gas, steam, and hydraulic turbines, hydraulic systems, and other enclosed circulating systems where an R&O oil is required.  First Line Turbine Oils offer extremely effective protection against system rusting caused by water contamination and protect against sludging and deposits caused by oil oxidation.

First Line Turbine Oils are blended from highly-refined, thermally stable high-viscosity-index paraffinic lube stocks and contain rust and oxidation inhibiting and anti-foam additives.

First Line Turbine Hydraulic 32
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 46
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 68
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 100
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 150
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 220
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 320
First Line Turbine Hydraulic 460


First Line Rock Drill Oils – Spec Sheet

First Line Rock Drill Oils are special blends of highly refined base oils compounded with extreme pressure additives.  First Line Rock Drill Oils have an unusually high film strength providing constant protection for metal surfaces against friction wear and heavy shock loads.  The “tackiness” of these products also tends to reduce leakage, thereby cutting lubrication costs.

First Line Rock Drill Oils are excellent lubricants for air-operated tools, such as jack-hammers, pavement breakers, etc.  They may be used in industrial machine shop applications including gear sets and can be used in both plain and anti-friction bearings.  Their oxidation stability, extreme pressure characteristics, and high film strength all combine to provide excellent corrosion protection and shock load.

First Line Rock Drill 46
First Line Rock Drill 68
First Line Rock Drill 100
First Line Rock Drill 150
First Line Rock Drill 220


First Line HDD 30 & HDD 40 – Spec Sheet

First Line HDD 30 & HDD 40 are high performance heavy-duty oils for use in diesel-powered engines and diesel-powered equipment.


First Line HDD 30
First Line HDD 40


First Line Multi-Purpose ATF – Spec Sheet

First Line Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated from highly refined base stocks and compounded with modern additive technology to meet viscometric friction, wear and oxidation stability properties required in passenger car and light truck transmissions.


First Line ATF


First Line GL5 Lubricants – Spec Sheet

First Line GL5 Gear Oils are multi-service EP gear lubricants manufactured from high quality base stocks and superior additive technology.  They are recommended for use in gearboxes, manual transmissions, bearings, gear reducers and many other applications where an API Service classification GL 5 gear lubricant is specified.


First Line GL5 80W 90
First Line GL5 85W 140


First Line TO4 Transmission Fluids – Spec Sheet

First Line TO-4 Transmission Fluids are a new generation Allison C-4 and CAT TO-4 transmission fluid.  They are designed for power shift transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems.  They provide excellent friction performance, oxidation stability, and elastomer compatibility and wear control.

First Line TO-4 Transmission Fluids will provide longer transmission life than heavy-duty engine oils.  In meeting Allison C-4 and Caterpillar TO-4 requirements, First Line TO-4 Transmission Fluids offer improved performance while allowing product consolidation.  They are offered in three viscosity grades to meet summer and winter power shift requirements.

First Line TO-4 10W Trans Oil
First Line TO-4 30W Trans Oil
First Line TO-4 50W Trans Oil


First Line Premium Tractor Fluid – Spec Sheet

First Line Premium Tractor Fluid incorporates a friction modifier to ensure proper noise-free operation of wet brakes.  Its excellent low-temperature fluidity provides good response at low temperatures.  Field tests prove that First Line Premium Tractor Fluid provides excellent service in virtually all makes of construction and farm tractors.  It is frequently used as a single fluid to prevent accidental contamination or misapplication, and to eliminate the need to purchase and keep in inventory several products for most farm and construction equipment.


First Line Premium Tractor Fluid


First Line Premium Hydraulic Fluids – Spec Sheet

First Line Anti-Wear (AW) Hydraulic Fluids are superior anti-wear hydraulic and circulating fluids especially formulated from paraffinic base oils to provide excellent thermal and oxidative stability in virtually all machine lubrication and hydraulic fluid applications.

First Line AW Hydraulic oils are premium products formulated with an effective anti-wear compound compatible with bearing components for hydraulic or circulating systems requiring high quality anti-wear oils, such as those recommended by hydraulic pump and machine tool manufacturers.

First Line AW 32
First Line AW 46
First Line AW 68